Have you ever been on vacation when you get the dreaded call from work? Depending on your role and severity of the situation it can feel like you’re swagger wagon is flying through mid air with everything falling apart as you gently obliterate your vehicle into the ground similar to National Lampoon's Vacation. And finding your anger rise to that of Chevy’s mood swing won’t bring any relief or remedy. Additionally, the caller is equally stressed by the situation and their lack of control to resolve the issue at hand.

So… what’s the answer: 

Consider cross training your job responsibilities to one or more co-workers/contractors. Now more than likely this can’t and shouldn’t be done a few days before your vacation. When answering a question or training other co-workers you may have the opportunity to give a simple answer or the full picture. I know, you have 20 things to do, but the more you press into teaching opportunities, in the long run you’ll have more time to take day to day issues off your plate. Who knows, maybe eventually you’ll be 20 tasks ahead instead of behind.

If you had to call or be called recently for a technology related issue, reach out to me for reliable IT support. I’ll make sure your next trip to Wally World is on time and uninterrupted.