In high school I had a bad habit of not writing out all the steps in a math problem when coming to a final solution. Often, I’d skip the simple steps as it felt redundant to document an obvious solution. My teacher, Mr Veeroni, would always give me a hard time about it, even if I provided the correct solution to the problem. At the time I didn’t understand the importance.

Fast forward to college, when I began taking programming classes, commenting our code was a requirement. If we did not comment we were deducted points from the assignment. Similar to my math classes, I was reluctant to change, but upon reviewing 100’s of lines of code I actually found it useful when trying to remember why I coded something in a particular way.

When I started working for different businesses, as either an employee or a contractor I found it necessary, beneficial and actually enjoyable to document procedures, processes or code. Here are 3 reasons that I think everyone in business should make documenting a priority:

  1. It allows us to free up more mental space to master more areas in a shorter period of time.
  2. You can hand off code or a process to someone else and minimize the training required for another team member if properly documented.
  3. It allows us to reuse puzzle pieces in business and not have to re-invent the wheel when approaching a similar problem, but in a different area.