Tight deadlines are everywhere, and programming for operating systems and their respective programs is no exception. Unfortunately, most of us have experienced a sluggish or a non-working computer at one time or another. You are then faced with the reality of closing all 30 programs or tabs that are open to reboot your PC. But wait, what if there is some magic trick that the IT guy can pull from his magic hat to keep us going? Maybe find that one process that needs to be killed so we can continue to work uninterrupted? Well, sometimes that's the case, but generally it’s some combination of the operating system or programs that aren't working up to snuff. Of course, this problem isn't limited just to our computers. Sometimes we ourselves are overworked and in need of a reboot, a refresher, something to charge our batteries again. Make sure you're taking time outside of work to reset, or figure out what it is that keeps you efficient, effective and creative. If you don't know what that is, then set time aside to find it during the holiday season.