Have you ever listened for an answer from someone after asking for some direction based on the needs of a project? But instead of receiving a clear plan of action, you receive a couple different responses that are neither clear nor productive. One response you might receive is a high level analogy for the purpose of vision casting that doesn’t apply and distorts the truth of the given situation. The alternate, less-effective response is a host of jargon comprised of buzzwords and trends that leaves the audience in waters more muddied than when they arrived. Finally the director uses his or her powers of delegation to turn the question back on the confused audience so as not to commit to a plan of action.

I believe this happens for a few reasons.
  1.  The speaker doesn’t have an answer, nor do they know how to respond.
  2. They’re too lazy to do the research.
  3. Or they live in the fear of being wrong and don’t want to be held accountable.

To prevent yourself from doing this same thing when you’re uncertain of the answer to a question: Slow down, tell the individual you’ll get back to them. However, you then have work to do; you need to commit and communicate a plan. Rely on your years of experience; take a risk.  You might be right and possibly even get some of the credit if you are correct.