Often businesses are motivated to move to a new location or move employees within the same building to make sure the right people are in the most effective spot. This process can be unnerving, frustrating, and even demoralizing if an employee is moving to a location not as nice as their previous post. Many of us have encountered this situation and while it’s tempting to under communicate since it’s never fun to deliver bad news to employees, the easy way out will ultimately come back to bite you. So here are some ways to make the process much more pleasant and keep staff morale higher than it would be alternatively. 

  1. Start early - Giving employees time to plan the move from a strategic and emotional standpoint is helpful, particularly so for those who are change-averse. 

  2. Good communication - This one is key for those who are moving to a worse location, especially from an office to a cube. Sometimes an employee just wants to hear, “Sorry, I know this sucks, but here is why and we really appreciate you taking one for the team.” While it’s a simple statement, it can mean a lot if shared in a meaningful way.

  3. FOOD!!! - This always makes the process more enjoyable. Could be as expensive as catering from a favorite restaurant or simple as a pie from your local pizza place. Either way it conveys that you care and facilitates a bonding experience between the employees. 

Also, like musical chairs, I’d recommend music, adds a little pep in your step.